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Strong Verbs

(Verbs that change their vowels.)

Class I


wite "to go" wote witten
bite "to bite" bote bitten
slite "to slit" slote slitten
flite "to dispute" flote flitten
lite "to gaze" lote litten
nite "to knock" note nitten
thwite "to hew" thwote thwitten
shite "to defecate" shote shitten
drite "to defecate" drote dritten
atwite "to reproach" atwote atwitten
knide "to beat" knode knidden
glide "to glide" glode glidden
slide "to slide" slode slidden
gnide "to rub" gnode gnidden
lide "to cover" lode lidden
swive "to swive" swove swiven
belive "to remain" belove beliven
toslive "to split" toslove tosliven
gripe "to seize" grope grippen
ripe "to reap" rope rippen
nipe "to darken" nope nippen
swike "to deceive" swoke swicken
blike "to shine" bloke blicken
sike "to sigh" soke sicken
snike "to sneak" snoke snicken
whine "to whine" whone whinen
rine "to touch" rone rinen
chine "to crack" chone chinen
yine "to yawn" yone yinen
thwine "to grow" thwone thwinen
dwine "to dwindle" dwone dwinen
aquine "to diminish" aquone aquinen
mithe "to avoid" mothe mithen
writhe "to twist" wrothe writhen
lithe "to go" lothe lidden
snithe "to cut" snothe snidden
shrithe "to glide" shrothe shridden
agrise "to be afraid" agrose agrisen
stie "to ascend" stoe stien

Class II

leese "to lose" lose lorn
forleese "to lose" forlose forlorn
freeze "to freeze" froze frorn
dreeze "to fall" droze drorn
reeze "to fall" roze rorn
creep "to creep" crope cropen
beed "to command" bode boden
reed "to adorn" rode roden
leed "to grow" lode loden
neet "to use" note notten
breet "to break" brote brotten
fleet "to float" flote flotten
greet "to weep" grote grotten
leet "to cast lots" lote lotten
spreet "to sprout" sprote sprotten
theet "to howl" thote thotten
athreet "to tire" athrote athrotten
smeek "to smoke" smoke smoken
reek "to smoke" roke roken
seethe "to seathe" sothe sodden
(also sod)
luck "to lock" loke loken
suck "to suck" soke soken
sup "to sup" sope sopen
brew "to brew" brow brown
chew "to chew" chow chown
choose "to choose" chose coren
(also corn)

Class III

thind "to swell" thound thounden
rind "to push" round rounden
thring "to throng" thrang thrungen
cring "to fall" crang crungen
swink "to toil" swank swunken
lin "to desist" lan lunen
spin "to spin" span spunen
lim "to resound" lam lumen
crim "to cram" cram crumen
shrim "to shrink" shram shrumen
limp "to happen" lamp lumpen
rimp "to wrinkle" ramp rumpen
climb "to climb" clamb clumben
                                             (also  clomb         clomben)
burn "to burn" barn burnen
melt "to melt" malt molten
swelt "to die" swalt swolten
delve "to delve" dalve dolven
swell "to swell" swall swollen
bell "to bellow" ball bollen
yell "to yell" yall yollen
help "to help" halp holpen
yield "to yield" yold yolden
smart "to smart" smort smorten
swarve "to polish" sworve sworven
carve "to carve" corve corven
sharve "to gnaw" shorve shorven
wharve "to turn" whorve whorven
starve "to starve" storve storven
darve "to labour" dorve dorven
swark "to darken" swork sworken
bark "to bark" bork borken
yarr "to sound" yorr yorren
asilk "to slacken" asalk asolken
burst "to burst" barst borsten
thresh "to thresh" thrash throshen
mourn "to mourn" marn mornen
spurn "to spurn" sparn spornen
worth "to become" warth worden
(also worthen )
thee "to thrive" thoe thungen

Class IV

thwear "to stir" thwore thworen
(also thworn)
heal "to conceal" hole holen
queal "to die" quole quolen
nim "to take" name numen

Class V

sit "to sit" sate seaten
                                           (also  sat         setten/sitten )
mete "to mete" mate meten
freat "to for-eat" frate freaten
(also fret)
queath "to say" quath queathen
                                        (also  quoth/quod    quothen )
dreep "to slay" drape dreepen
                                           (also  drope         dropen)
knead "to knead" knade kneaden
sweve "to sleep" swave sweven
speak "to speak" spake speaken
                                           (also  spoke         spoken)
break "to break" brake breaken
                                           (also  broke         broken)
wreak "to wreak" wrake wreaken
                                           (also  wroke        wroken)
weave "to weave" wave weaven
                                          (also   wove          woven)
tread "to tread" trade treaden
                                     (also  trode/trod   troden/trodden)
shreep "to scrape" scrape shreepen
lease "to glean" lase leasen
nease "to be saved" nase neasen

Class VI

fare "to fare" foor/fore faren
ache "to ache" ooche/oche achen
bake "to bake" book/boke baken
grave "to dig" groove/grove graven
shave "to shave" shoove/shove shaven
lade "to lade" lood/lode laden
cale "to be cold" cool/cole calen
gale "to sing" gool/gole galen
spane "to allure" spoon/spone spanen
wade "to go" wood/wode waden
wash "to wash" woosh/wosh washen
heave "to heave" hoove/hove heaven
                                                                          (also hoven)
shape "to shape" shoop/shope shapen
step "to step" stoop/stope stapen
                                                                        (also stopen)
wax "to grow" wox                     waxen
                                             (also wex)                           
shathe "to scathe" shood/shode shathen
gnaw "to gnaw" gnew gnawn
thway "to wash" thwew thwain

Class VII

hote "to call" hight hotten
shed "to shed" sheed shoden
let "to let" let letten
fang "to seize" feng fangen
gang "to go" geng gangen
bland "to mix" blend blanden
ban "to summon" been banen
span "to join" speen spanen
loke "to play" leek laken
walk "to walk" welk walken
salt "to salt" selt salten
wall "to boil" well wallen
wax "to grow" wex waxen
hold "to hold" held holden
fold "to fold" feld folden
wold "to wield" weld wolden
stold "to have" steld stolden
bloot "to sacrifice" bleet blooten
wroot "to root up" wreet wrooten
whoop "to threaten" wheep whoopen
roop "to shout" reep roopen
flook "to clap" fleek flooken
swoop "to sweep" sweep swoopen
crow "to crow" crew crown
wow "to blow" wew wown
mow "to mow" mew mown
sow "to sow" sew sown
glow "to glow" glew glown
flow "to flow" flew flown
low "to low" lew lown
row "to row" rew rown
spow "to succeed" spew spown
swough "to sound" sweigh swoon

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