Ednew English

By Kevin Rainbow

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      Ednew English is dedicated to an awareness and restoration primarly of native English words.

- Words that are being discriminated against and labelled as "old" "archaic" or "obsolete"

- Words that are stuck in spellings that are incompatable with modern speech. Ednew English restores these words by giving them new spellings, based on the evolutions of sounds and spellings.

- Prefixes and suffixes that are being used less and less or are almost completely forgotten.

- Original meanings that our dictionaries often don't include anymore.

It is hoped that Ednew English may encourage English speakers to appreciate these words of their own language and to use and enjoy them.

Special features:

Reading Premodern English
Shield Sheaving - A Translation of the beginning of Beowulf, incorporating Ednew English.
Homer's Iliad - A translation from Homer's Iliad Book 1, including some Ednew English
Statius' Thebaid - A translation of Book 1