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In order to maintain the general rules in a special forum such as Interpretations, where we share interpretations and discussion as well as poetry, we ask you to observe a few special points of appropriateness.

Please Remember...

Everyone is welcome
Never treat anyone as if they need to write better in order to be welcome in the forum. Any comment that treats someone as if they are not welcome is inappropriate and will be removed.

Nothing is a given
Please don't treat anyone as if they should already know what you know. Any belittling comments are inappropriate and will be removed.

Judge the poem, not the person
Please keep comments focused on a poem (or discussion) at hand. Any comments with disrespectful assumptions and judgements about the author are inappropriate and will be removed.

No Obligations
No one is obligated to respond to anything you post. Any comments that treat someone as if they are obligated to respond are inappropriate and will be removed.

No trashing
Never trash someone's work by referring to it with rude names such as "trash" "rubbish" "bull". Any comments that trash someone's work are inappropriate and will be removed.

Be tolerant of other people's beliefs and comments. Use graphics if you wish, but use them wisely and only when they significantly add to your message. Above all, Have Fun! Quick View the Reply Guidelines
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